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* Do you know what a Knot DNS server is?

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Knot DNS, developed by the CZ.NIC association is an open-source DNS server software known for its speed and reliability in handling both authoritative and recursive DNS queries. As part of the broader Knot project, it focuses on enhancing the Internet's DNS infrastructure.

Offering support for modern DNS standards like DNSSEC, Knot DNS prioritizes security in its efficient and modular architecture. In addition, it minimizes memory usage, which makes it a great choice for resource-limited environments.

Knot DNS is capable of fulfilling two main functions:

  • As an Authoritative DNS Server, Knot DNS efficiently manages authoritative DNS zones, ensuring accurate and secure responses to DNS queries.
  • As a Recursive DNS Server, it optimizes performance by storing recent DNS queries in its cache, reducing response times and enhancing the user experience.

For those interested in the inner workings of Knot DNS, we recommend exploring its detailed functionalities and capabilities. To learn more about this topic, read the following detailed article about Knot DNS server!